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Schultz, Bárbara M., Melo-González, Felipe, Duarte, Luisa F., Gálvez, Nicolás M. S., Pacheco, Gaspar A., Soto, Jorge A., Berríos-Rojas, Roslye V., González, Liliana A., Moreno-Tapia, Daniela, Rivera-Pérez, Daniela, Ríos, Mariana, Vázquez, Yaneisi, Hoppe-Elsholz, Guillermo, Andrade-Parra, Catalina A., Vallejos, Omar P., Piña-Iturbe, Alejandro, Iturriaga, Carolina, Urzua, Marcela, Navarrete, María S., Rojas, Álvaro, Fasce, Rodrigo, Fernández, Jorge, Mora, Judith, Ramírez, Eugenio, Gaete-Argel, Aracelly, Acevedo, Mónica L., Valiente-Echeverría, Fernando, Soto-Rifo, Ricardo, Weiskopf, Daniela, Grifoni, Alba, Sette, Alessandro, Zeng, Gang, Meng, Weining, CoronaVac03CL Study Group, González-Aramundiz, José V., González, Pablo A., Abarca, Katia, Kalergis, Alexis M., Bueno, Susan M. A Booster Dose of CoronaVac Increases Neutralizing Antibodies and T Cells that Recognize Delta and Omicron Variants of Concern CoronaVac is an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Previous studies reported increased levels of neutralizing antibodies and specific T cells 2 and 4 weeks... 2022 13 Ver Más
Rada, Isabel, Oyarte, Marcela, Cabieses, Báltica A comparative analysis of health status of international migrants and local population in Chile: a population-based, cross-sectional analysis from a social determinants of health perspective BACKGROUND: During recent decades intraregional migration has increased in Latin America. Chile became one of the main receiving countries and hosted diverse international migrant groups. Evidence hav... 2022 22 Ver Más
Cornejo, Javiera, Asenjo, Gabriela, Zavala, Sebastian, Venegas, Lucas, Galarce, Nicolás, Hormazábal, Juan Carlos, Vergara-E, Constanza, Lapierre, Lisette Advances in Integrated Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance and Control Strategies in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Economies: Assessment of a Multiyear Building Capacity Project Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing global health concern for both animal and public health, and collaborative strategies are needed to combat the threat. The level of awareness and funding fo... 2022 11 Ver Más
Orjuela-Rodríguez T., Rojas-Cortés R., Vergara V., Aldunate F., Jiménez G., Orta I.A., Serrano K., Jiménez G., González D.M.G., Gutiérrez D., Cortez F.B., González J.D., Porrás A., Castro J.L. Adverse reactions to drugs used for COVID-19 in five Latin American countries [Reações adversas a medicamentos utilizados para a COVID-19 em cinco países da América Latina] [Reacciones adversas a medicamentos utilizados para la COVID-19 en cinco países de América Latina] Objective. Characterize and describe reports of suspected adverse reactions to a group of drugs used in Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, and Peru to treat or prevent coronavirus... 2022 46 Ver Más
Cona E., Pidal P., Martínez M.C., Airola C., Torrejón C., Chacón E., Santos Y., Smoilis S., Araya I., Araya P. Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales in the sink traps of a Critical Patient Unit [Enterobacterales productores de carbapenemasas en sifones de lavamanos de una Unidad de Paciente Crítico] Introduction: Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales (CPE) are an important cause of health care associated infections (HAI). The main reservoir is constituted by infected and colonized patients, ho... 2022 39 Ver Más
Reyes, Carolina, González, Christian R., Alvarado, Sergio, Flores, Leticia, Martin, Catherine, Oyarce, Alan, Aylwin, María Paz, Canals, Mauricio, Parra, Alonso, Valderrama, Lara Chagas disease in northern Chile: Detection of Trypanosoma cruzi in children, dogs and triatomine bugs Chagas disease is an anthropozoonotic disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, transmitted by triatomine vectors. In Chile, there are four species of triatomine bugs that are potential vecto... 2022 235 Ver Más
Morales, Cristian, Rojas, Gabriel, Rebolledo, Camilo, Rojas-Herrera, Marcelo, Arias-Carrasco, Raúl, Cuadros-Orellana, Sara, Maracaja-Coutinho, Vinicius, Saavedra, Kathleen, Leal, Pamela, Lanas, Fernando, Salazar, Luis A., Saavedra, Nicolás Characterization of microbial communities from gut microbiota of hypercholesterolemic and control subjects INTRODUCTION: In recent years, several studies have evidenced the importance of the microbiome to host physiology as metabolism regulator, along with its potential role in triggering various diseases.... 2022 12 Ver Más
Lopes L.C., Salas M., Osorio-de-Castro C.G.S., Leal L.F., Doubova S.V., Cañás M., Dreser A., Acosta A., Baldoni A.O., de Cássia Bergamaschi C., Mota D.M., Gómez-Galicia D.L., Sepúlveda-Viveros D., Delgado E.N., da Costa Lima E., Chandia F.V., Ferre F., Marin G.H., Olmos I., Zimmermann I.R., Fulone I., Roldán-Saelzer J., Sánchez-Salgado J.C., Castro-Pastrana L.I., de Souza L.J.C., Beltrán M.M., Silva M.T., Mena M.B., de França Fonteles M.M., Urtasun M.A., Tarapués M., Hernández P.G., Medero N., Herrera-Comoglio R., Barberato-Filho S., Galvão T.F., Luiza V.L., Santa-Ana-Tellez Y., Rodríguez-Tanta Y., Elseviers M. Data sources for drug utilization research in Latin American countries—A cross-national study: DASDUR-LATAM study Purpose: Drug utilization research (DUR) contributes to inform policymaking and to strengthen health systems. The availability of data sources is the first step for conducting DUR. However, documents ... 2022 31 Ver Más
Higginson, Ellen E., Nkeze, Joseph, Permala-Booth, Jasnehta, Kasumba, Irene N., Lagos, Rosanna, Hormazabal, Juan Carlos, Byrne, Alexander, Frankel, Gad, Levine, Myron M., Tennant, Sharon M. Detection of Salmonella Typhi in Bile by Quantitative Real-Time PCR In countries where the incidence of typhoid fever is high, fecal material from short-term carriers of Salmonella Typhi contaminates inadequately treated water supplies. As treated water supplies and i... 2022 10 Ver Más
Gálvez, Nicolás M. S., Pacheco, Gaspar A., Schultz, Bárbara M., Melo-González, Felipe, Soto, Jorge A., Duarte, Luisa F., González, Liliana A., Rivera-Pérez, Daniela, Ríos, Mariana, Berrios, Roslye V., Vázquez, Yaneisi, Moreno-Tapia, Daniela, Vallejos, Omar P., Andrade, Catalina A., Hoppe-Elsholz, Guillermo, Iturriaga, Carolina, Urzua, Marcela, Navarrete, María S., Rojas, Álvaro, Fasce, Rodrigo, Fernández, Jorge, Mora, Judith, Ramírez, Eugenio, Gaete-Argel, Aracelly, Acevedo, Mónica L., Valiente-Echeverría, Fernando, Soto-Rifo, Ricardo, Weiskopf, Daniela, Grifoni, Alba, Sette, Alessandro, Zeng, Gang, Meng, Weining, CoronaVacCL03 Study Group, González-Aramundiz, José V., Johnson, Marina, Goldblatt, David, González, Pablo A., Abarca, Katia, Bueno, Susan M., Kalergis, Alexis M. Differences in the immune response elicited by two immunization schedules with an inactivated SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in a randomized phase 3 clinical trial BACKGROUND: The development of vaccines to control the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic progression is a worldwide priority. CoronaVac is an inactivated severe acute respiratory syndrome c... 2022 11 Ver Más
Oyarce, Alan, Ayala, Salvador, Canals, Mauricio Epidemiology of cysticercosis in Chile] BACKGROUND: Neurocysticercosis is the most prevalent parasitic disease of the central nervous system in Chile, where sporadic cases are reported, without information about the epidemiology or distribu... 2022 150 Ver Más
Villena, Rodolfo, Alvarado, Sylvina, Saldaña, Adiela Experiencia chilena en el comportamiento del SARS-COV-2 y campaña de vacunación en pediatría^ies La pandemia por Covid-19 ha provocado millones de hospitalizaciones y muertes en el mundo, principalmente en la población adulta. A pesar de que la población pediátrica se ha visto afectada con una... 2022 17 Ver Más
Buchta, Christoph, Coucke, Wim, Huf, Wolfgang, Griesmacher, Andrea, Müller, Mathias M., Mayr, Wolfgang R., Flesland, Øystein, Politis, Constantina, Wiersum-Osselton, Johanna, Aburto, Andrés, Badrick, Tony, Bouacida, Lobna, Budina, Marek, Duenas, Joseph A., Geilenkeuser, Wolf-Jochen, Guimarães, André V. P., Hecimovic, Ana, Jutzi, Markus, Lee, Chang-Keun, Lim, Young Ae, Mammen, Joy, Molnár, Petra Magdolna, Mokhtari, Azita, Morabito, Giuseppa, Muñiz-Diaz, Eduardo, Niekerk, Truscha, Pakkanen, Anja, Pezzati, Paola, Popa, Razvan, Sárkány, Erika, Siest, Jean-Pascal, Suvagandha, Dhitiwass, Thelen, Marc, Ullhagen, Jenny, Vitkus, Dalius, Körmöczi, Günther F. External quality assessment providers services appear to more impact the immunohaematology performance of laboratories than national regulatory and economic conditions OBJECTIVES: Medical laboratories may, at their own discretion, exceed but not undercut regulatory quality requirements. Available economic resources, however, may drive or hinder eagerness to exceed m... 2022 60 Ver Más
Zanella, Louise, Riquelme, Ismael, Reyes, Maria Elena, Infante, Francisca, Reyes, Soledad, Ramirez, Eugenio, Ili, Carmen, Brebi, Priscilla Genome analysis suggests HTLV-1aA introduction in Chile related to migrations of ancestral indigenous populations The human T cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1), unlike other RNA viruses such as HIV, has a stable genome and has infected humans since remote times. Although the HTLV-1 infection is endemic in S... 2022 311 Ver Más
Rodríguez, Ariel Antonio, Escanilla, David Eduardo, Caroca, Luis Alberto, Albornoz, Christian Eduardo, Marshall, Paulina Andrea, Molenbroek, Johan F. M., Lee, Wonsup, Viviani, Carlos, Castellucci, Héctor Ignacio Head and facial dimensions of Chilean workers for design purposes and the differences with other populations BACKGROUND: An appropriate match between a product and its end-users requires anthropometric data, which show variations among different countries. Proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) fit is ke... 2022 71 Ver Más
Leite, Juliana Almeida, Vicari, Andrea, Perez, Enrique, Siqueira, Marilda, Resende, Paola, Motta, Fernando Couto, Freitas, Lucas, Fernandez, Jorge, Parra, Barbara, Castillo, Andrés, Fasce, Rodrigo, Martinez Caballero, Alexander Augusto, COVID-19 Genomic Surveillance Regional Network, Gresh, Lionel, Aldighieri, Sylvain, Gabastou, Jean-Marc, Franco, Leticia, Mendez-Rico, Jairo Implementation of a COVID-19 Genomic Surveillance Regional Network for Latin America and Caribbean region The timely release of SARS-CoV-2 first genomic sequences allowed the identification of the etiologic agent and development of diagnostic protocols. Genomic sequencing was a crucial step in generating ... 2022 17 Ver Más
Soto, Jorge A., Melo-González, Felipe, Gutierrez-Vera, Cristián, Schultz, Bárbara M., Berríos-Rojas, Roslye V., Rivera-Pérez, Daniela, Piña-Iturbe, Alejandro, Hoppe-Elsholz, Guillermo, Duarte, Luisa F., Vázquez, Yaneisi, Moreno-Tapia, Daniela, Ríos, Mariana, Palacios, Pablo A., Garcia-Betancourt, Richard, Santibañez, Álvaro, Pacheco, Gaspar A., Mendez, Constanza, Andrade, Catalina A., Silva, Pedro H., Diethelm-Varela, Benjamín, Astudillo, Patricio, Calvo, Mario, Cárdenas, Antonio, González, Marcela, Goldsack, Macarena, Gutiérrez, Valentina, Potin, Marcela, Schilling, Andrea, Tapia, Lorena I., Twele, Loreto, Villena, Rodolfo, Grifoni, Alba, Sette, Alessandro, Weiskopf, Daniela, Fasce, Rodrigo A., Fernández, Jorge, Mora, Judith, Ramírez, Eugenio, Gaete-Argel, Aracelly, Acevedo, Mónica L., Valiente-Echeverría, Fernando, Soto-Rifo, Ricardo, Retamal-Díaz, Angello, Muñoz-Jofré, Nathalia, PedCoronaVac03CL Study Group,, Meng, Xing, Xin, Qianqian, Alarcón-Bustamante, Eduardo, González-Aramundiz, José V., Le Corre, Nicole, Álvarez-Figueroa, María Javiera, González, Pablo A., Abarca, Katia, Perret, Cecilia, Carreño, Leandro J., Bueno, Susan M., Kalergis, Alexis M. Inactivated Vaccine-Induced SARS-CoV-2 Variant-Specific Immunity in Children Multiple vaccines against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) have been evaluated in clinical trials. However, trials addressing the immune response in the pediatric populatio... 2022 13 Ver Más
Romero Thomas G., Corso A., Pasterán F., Shal J., Sosa A., Pillonetto M., Tigulini de Souza Peral R., Hormazábal J.C., Araya P., Saavedra S.Y., Ovalle M.V., Jiménez Pearson M.A., Chanto Chacón G., Carbon E., Mazariegos Herrera C.J., González Velásquez S.D.C., Satán-Salazar C., Villavicencio F., Touchet N.M., Busignani S., Mayta-Barrios M., Ramírez-Illescas J., Vega M.L., Mogdasy C., Rosas V., Salgado N., Quiroz R., El-Omeiri N., Galas M.F., Ramón-Pardo P., Melano R.G. Increased Detection of Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacterales Bacteria in Latin America and the Caribbean during the COVID-19 Pandemic During 2020–2021, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean reported clinical emergence of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales that had not been previously characterized locally, increased p... 2022 28 Ver Más
Barraza, María Fernanda Olivares, Fasce, Rodrigo A., Nogareda, Francisco, Marcenac, Perrine, Mallegas, Natalia Vergara, Alister, Patricia Bustos, Loayza, Sergio, Chard, Anna N., Arriola, Carmen Sofia, Couto, Paula, Calavaro, Christian García, Rodriguez, Angel, Wentworth, David E., Cuadrado, Cristóbal, Azziz-Baumgartner, Eduardo Influenza incidence and vaccine effectiveness during the Southern Hemisphere Influenza season-Chile, 2022 ... 2022 22 Ver Más
Fernández, Jorge, Bruneau, Nicole, Fasce, Rodrigo, Martín, Héctor San, Balanda, Monserrat, Bustos, Patricia, Ulloa, Soledad, Mora, Judith, Ramírez, Eugenio Neutralization of alpha, gamma, and D614G SARS-CoV-2 variants by CoronaVac vaccine-induced antibodies Vaccination generates a neutralizing immune response against SARS-CoV-2. The genomic surveillance is showing the emergence of variants with mutations in spike, the main target of neutralizing antibodi... 2022 94 Ver Más