Rabia en Chile. 1989-2005

A retrospective epidemiological study about epidemiology of rabies in Chile between years 1989 and 2005 was done. A data base of 39793 national registries of rabies samples was analyzed by means of statistical packages. Out of 39793 analyzed cases, 719 bats, 7 dogs, 7 cats, 1 bovine and 1 human were positive to rabies throughout the 17 years of this study. The statistical analysis established a significant increase in the proportions of positivity in bats, with predominance of variant 4 between the reservoirs. Given the complexity of the wild cycle of the rabies in Chile, it is necessary to maintain a program control of rabies, directed to educate people for a responsible possession of domestic animals, due to the risk of rabies transmission from bat to the susceptible species.

Key words: Bats, rabies, viral characterization, antigenic variant.

Myriam Favi C. (ISP), Luis Rodriguez A. (ISP), Carla Espinosa M. y Verónica Yung P. (ISP).
Revista Chilena de Infectología 2008; 25 (Supl): S 8-S 13
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Enero, 2008
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